Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

At Community Healing Centers, we recognize the impact of historical and systemic oppression on the wellbeing of children, adults, and families with marginalized identities, and the community.

We believe all people must have access to high quality and equitable care to heal from trauma, addiction, mental and behavioral health disorders.

We are committed to interrogating CHC structures, policies, and practices for inequity and barriers.

We will make diversity, equity, and inclusion integral in our organizational structure, policies, practices, and program delivery.

Community Healing Center's Mission Statement
Community Healing Center's Vision


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We provide an inclusive, diverse, and equitable environment that is accessible to all.

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We treat all with dignity and respect.

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We hold ourselves to the highest standards of ethical behavior.

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We promote transparent, safe, and productive communication.

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Client-Centered Care

We serve our clients with trauma-informed kindness, empathy, and understanding.

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We work together to build relationships to fulfill our mission.