Community Healing Centers Prevention Services are led by a team of specially trained staff who provide best practice and evidence-based curriculum to youth in Kalamazoo. The purpose of the programming is to reduce risky behaviors among youth, including the use of drugs and alcohol. In addition to providing youth education services, our staff also conduct visits to local businesses that sell alcohol or tobacco to educate them on the dangers of selling these products to minors. 


Our vibrant and specially trained Prevention and Education staff offer programs through:

  • The School System
  • Church Groups
  • The Juvenile Residential Home
  • Homeless Shelters for Youth and Adults
  • S.T.R.E.E.T. after-school program
  • Girls of the Heart after-school program

The link between poverty, the Criminal Justice System, adult/underage substance use, and its connection to reduced academic achievement among youth, is a widely studied issue.

Youth substance use risk factors include:

  • Alcohol and other drugs are too readily available.
  • Parents use of drugs or tolerance of youth use.
  • Youth perception that most of their friends or peers use.

Youth substance use preventative factors include:

  • A strong bond between adults and youth.
  • Building a skill set necessary for resisting pressure to use.
  • Opportunities for youth to have meaningful involvement in the community.

We are located at:

Elizabeth Upjohn Community Healing Centers
2615 Stadium Drive
Kalamazoo, MI 49008

To receive more information about Prevention Services at Community Healing Centers or, to inquire about having our preventions services speak to your organization, call (269)343-1651 or email