The leadership team at Community Healing Centers is responsible for a number of key tasks, including representing the agency throughout the community, providing staff supervision, supporting strategic planning, and monitoring progress toward our overall goals. We pride ourselves on having built a team with strong communication, problem-solving, and organizational skills.

Children’s Advocacy Center

The CAC of Kalamazoo is one of the longest standing, nationally accredited Child Advocacy Centers in the state of Michigan. We strive to be Kalamazoo County’s hub for investigation, treatment, and advocacy for children and families where a child has disclosed physical or sexual abuse.

Outpatient Therapists – Elizabeth Upjohn Community Healing Centers

As part of Community Healing Centers’ adult outpatient services, those interested in mental health counseling are assessed to identify needs and treatment plans are developed to create a personalized recovery program. We serve the cities of Kalamazoo + Portage and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to assist individuals in managing their symptoms and dealing with everyday stressors through basic life-skills training; peer support; relapse prevention planning; and individual, couple, and family sessions.

Outpatient Therapists – Niles Community Healing Centers

Community Healing Centers Niles is an outpatient behavioral health treatment center specializing in both substance abuse and mental health. We serve the city of Niles and its surrounding areas by offering a range of treatment programs that focus on engaging individuals and their families in prevention, treatment, and recovery.