Roof Sit is a 3-day fundraising event that supports The Community Healing Center’s programs that treat and prevent child abuse and neglect in Southwest Michigan.

SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING – suspect child abuse? CALL 855-444-3911

 Community Healing Centers, along with our partners, collaborate to fight and bring awareness to the child abuse and neglect that occurs in Kalamazoo.

Our Children's Advocacy Center offers compassionate, specialized care for children who are victims of sexual or physical abuse. We provide individual counseling for child victims and their non-offending family members, family therapy, and support groups for parents. Children in therapy learn to deal with their anger, shame and guilt of being a victim of abuse.



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Volunteers can form teams or volunteer on an individual basis. 

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Interested in involving your business in the fight against child abuse and neglect here in Southwest Michigan?

Get involved with the Community Healing Center’s 2018 fundraisers by volunteering, becoming a sponsor, or doing Dollar Cards at your organization, and do your part to better our community for the children!

It is YOUR SPONSORSHIP that will help us to provide the services that prevent and treat child abuse and neglect. 

    Why Become a Sponsor?


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    Tips for Kids

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    Tips for Kids is a vital part of Roof Sit and a fun way for you and your friends to get involved.


    Volunteer teams are assigned to one of our local Shell Stations and are supervised and trained by a provided Station Captain. The object is simple: wash windshields and pump gas for tips – and lots of them!

    Shifts last 2 hours, however your team is welcome to sign up for more than one shift.

    Help us reach our 2018 Roof Sit goal of $80,000!



      What our Tips For Kids Teams have raised so far!

      Thursdays' Tips for Kids

      Gull Lake High School National Honor Society -Second Shift (Gull Road Shell)$237.85
      Gull Lake High School National Honors (Gull Road Shell)$391.72
      Vicksburg High School National Honors (BP in Vicksburg)$191.400
      Paw Paw Middle School Student Council (Stadium Shell)$445.30
      Boys and Girls Club of Kalamazoo (Downtown Shell)$86.00
      CHC Street Team (West Main Shell)322.40
      Samaritas (South Westnedge Shell)$177.56
      Texas Roadhouse (S. Westnedge Shell)$178.80
      League of Our Own Sober Women Softball (Downtown Shell)$215.67
      Advia Credit Union (South Westnedge Shell)$149.45
      Kohl’s West Main (West Main Shell)$426.49

      Fridays' Tips for Kids

      Mt. Zion Church (West Main Shell)$113.35
      Beth Gilmore and Friends (Gull Road Shell)$745.47
      Advia Credit Union (Downtown Shell)$187.85
      Otsego High School National Honors Society (Stadium Drive Shell)$697.35
      Loy Norrix Peace Jam (S. Westnedge Shell)$577.50
      Gull Lake High School National Honors Society (Gull Road Shell)$466.90
      Robert Half Accounting (S. Westnedge Shell)$865.85
      Samaritas (S. Westnedge Shell)$253.60
      Friends of Essence Oliver (West Main Shell)$544.15

      Saturdays' Tips for Kids

      West Michigan Seahawks (Stadium Drive Shell)$647.75
      Gull Lake High School National Honors Society (Gull Road Shell)$847.70
      Vicksburg High School National Honors Society (BP in Vicksburg)$250.40
      Kalamazoo Football Rugby Club (Downtown Shell)$244.10
      Fit Body Boot Camp of Portage (S. Westnedge Shell)$749.45
      Kalamazoo Prosecutors Office (West Main Shell)$334.15
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      Click Here!


      Community Healing Center

      2615 Stadium Drive Kalamazoo, MI 49008

      (Checks can be made payable to Roof Sit or the Community Healing Centers)



      May 17 and 18 from 8:00am to 9:00pm; May 19 from 8:00am to 5:00pm.

      In Person

      Stop by the Roof Sit site between May 17-19: Located on the corner of Westnedge and Milham in Portage, in front of Old Navy and Kohl’s. Just pull up and volunteers will be there to take your donation!

      Dollar Cards

      Roof Sit has another fun way to donate!

      Stop by these participating businesses to show your Roof Sit spirit by purchasing a dollar card! The card can then be displayed in the store for all to see that you are committed to raising money for the treatment and prevention of child abuse and neglect here in our community. Tell your friends and family!

      Harding’s Friendly Market

      Richland, 8900 Gull Rd

      Galesburg, 54 W Michigan Ave

      Schoolcraft, 139 N Grand St

      West Main, 5161 W Main St

      Little Caesars Pizza

      Whites, 3146 South Westnedge

      West Main, 4250 West Main

      Westnedge, 6011 South Westnedge

      Woodbridge, 3814 West Centre

      Schoolcraft, 13218 US 131

      Gull Road, 5460 Gull Rd

      North Park, 507 North Park St.

      Portage, 930 Portage Street


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      Have a question? Ask!

      Call Allysa Crittenden, Community Healing Centers at 269-343-1651, ext 170 or email her at

      You can also contact Deb Droppers at the Event Company at 269-388-2830, or email her at

      Write for Kids